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Singing has been in Arif's life from an early age.  Constantly an active member of school choirs, barbershop groups and popular music ensembles, Arif's solo singing took off at the age of 21 whilst attending the City of Leeds College of Music, UK.  Since then he hasn't looked back.  Gigging in and around Leeds, Glasgow, London and aboard cruise liners, as well as appearing on ITV's 'Stars In Their Eyes' (as his idol Prince) in 2005 and 'X-Factor' in 2007, has helped Arif to hone his skill and make him one of the most versatile and imaginative singers around.  Listen to the samples of his work to find out for yourself.







Encouraged to write from the age of 6, Arif has developed a unique style based upon the varied range of music that he has been lucky enough to encounter in his short life.  From Bach chorales through to Heavy Metal and from various forms of Jazz through to Indian Classical music and beyond, Arif's personal listening is almost all-encompassing thus giving him a wide base from which to craft his own work.  Click here for a taste of his newest work.






1988 was the year that Arif first discovered the saxphone and, 3 years on, he bought his own and blew his first note.  From that moment on, he and the saxophone became inseperable.  Playing Soprano, Alto and Tenor saxophones, Arif's versitility is abundent as he switches effortlessly from one genre to another.  Listen to some of his solo and sectional work.




Since the age of 6, Arif has been exploring the diversity of ebony and ivory to create vast soundscapes.  From complex Piano concertos to electrifying Jazz solos, Arif's continued love of his first instrument is the very basis from which all his work emerges.  The deeply resonant, rich and earthy tones of the piano are still very much evident in his newest work.

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